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May 02, 2005

Why I Hate Blogging Dinners

So tonight I attended my second blogging dinner, and realized 15 minutes in that I hate the concept. Everything I love about blogging is reversed at a blogging dinner. I love that blogs and particularly my RSS reader level the playing field - the idea is king not the person who blogs it. Contrast that with a blog dinner - where the A-list blogger is king; everyone wants to talk to the A-listers and the whole enterprise revolves around them. I also hate the forced conversations - how many times can you talk about your RSS reader, your blogging software and I like the intimacy of my blog and of talking about whatever issue I fancy.

I don't want this to read like criticism of either Robert Scoble or Steve Rubel - I thank them both for organizing this. I was excited when I first read about the dinner and looked forward to it. I think the forum is just not for me. So for the few readers I have - look for me here, but not at the blog dinners.

Posted by maultasch at May 2, 2005 07:46 PM

Due to the proliferation of comment spam, I've had to close comments on this entry. I've also given up this other crap and turned to blogging entirely about tea. I've always loved black tea with milk and sugar, but now I drink it straight. I also drink white tea every day, especially White Hair Silver Needle leaf tea, because it is the healthiest tea.

I also really enjoy the health benefits of green tea, so I like to drink as much sencha or dragonwell tea as possible. I sprinkle matcha green tea powder on my food, too. Finally, I recently began drinking oolong tea a lot more and have come to really love it.