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Giving Up Espresso On My Road To Healthy Living

August 20, 2019|Posted in: health

Espresso maker in actionCoffee is not unhealthy.

But we often make it so. Either we add tons of sugar or some other sweetener or we simply drink far too much of it.

That was definitely the case for me. I used to drink several cups a day and I used to drink them all with several spoonfuls of sugar.

I even had one of these fancy Breville The Barista Espresso Machines, that I used every day to make myself a nice cup of espresso.

But despite having spent so much money on an espresso machine, I stopped drinking so much coffee. In fact, I stopped drinking coffee at all and switched over to tea altogether.

And it was actually pretty easy to do. But I have to be honest, it was easy for me, because I was also giving up other things at the time that were much harder to give up, so the coffee portion of my lifestyle change ended up being pretty simple.

How I Easily Gave Up My Espresso Habit

I wrote previously how I gave up soda and switched to tea. That was one of the harder things I had to give up, which made it easier for me to give up coffee.

At the same time, I also gave up smoking. That was the hardest of all. Because I was giving up other things that were somewhat harder, my espresso habit was an easy one to kick. In addition to tea, it was music that got me through. Listening to my favorite music on my favorite devices really helped take my mind off the cravings.

In fact, the hardest thing was not giving up the taste of coffee, or the habit of starting my day with a few cups of the good stuff. The hardest thing for me, was stopping the use of my wonderful Breville espresso machine.

Espresso machine brewing hot cup

I loved that thing and paid good money for it. It really hurt me to stop using it. The only way I got over that, was to give it to a friend who also had a pretty heavy coffee habit. He still has that habit.

That is why he was a good friend to give the machine to. I knew that he would not stop using it. He would make sure that machine got plenty of use for many years to come.

If you are an espresso drinker, you know how wonderful it is to have a hot, tasty cup of the stuff first thing in the morning. It is also such a nice relaxing thing to have later in the day.

My favorite of all, was to wake up late on the weekends and have a cup. That is just such a wonderful way to relax and to get into the day. I admit I still miss drinking espresso.

I know that if I hadn’t been giving up soda and cigarettes at the same time, I would’ve really struggled giving up my espresso.

Cup of coffee

In addition to the things I mentioned already, it was also really just a ritual. I would grind my own beans with the grinder that came with my espresso machine. These freshly ground beans made the cup even more wonderful. Naturally, I would only use high-quality coffee beans for my espresso. That made it so much better.

Now I only drink tea. It has replaced my espresso habit as well as my soda habit. I even look at it as having replaced my cigarette habit.

There are so many different kinds of teas, but my favorite for replacing espresso is the wonderful Lapsang Souchong. It is a smoky black tea, so it is a natural replacement for any coffee drink.

Naturally, it is not quite the same, but after a while I have come to love it even more than my espresso or a cup of coffee.

If you are trying to give up coffee in favor of tea, give this tea variety a try and I’m sure you will find the process of quitting much easier. You may not love it as much at first, but with time, you will come to love it just as much as your espresso.

I am Ladislav from Russia. I work in China many years and love Chinese tea for my healthy.