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January 14, 2014

healthy green tea

How Tea Led to a Healthier Lifestyle

I’m sure by now you’ve heard that tea is considered healthy. Drinking this ancient drink from Asia supposedly has all kinds of health benefits, but the truth is, none of tea’s health benefits have ever really been proven. That said, tea does make you healthier and I am living proof. How so you ask?

Well, what makes tea so healthy is not what is in it, though I have no doubt it is filled with healthy components despite the fact that none of the health benefits have been proven, but in what it replaces. When you start drinking a lot of tea every day, it’s only natural that you start drinking less of whatever you were drinking before. And unless you were drinking water or lemon juice with no sugar added, there’s a good chance tea is healthier than your previous drink of choice.

In my case, I had a liter a day coke habit. That’s the disgustingly sweet drink, not the white powder. When I started drinking tea, I stopped drinking Coke. I just wasn’t thirsty enough to drink more. And the most amazing thing happened: I started to hate Coke. Where before, I could drink it by the can or bottle to quench my thirst, now it does nothing for me. Drinking Coke doesn’t make me less thirsty; quite the opposite. It actually makes me thirstier.

healthy green tea

Just thinking about the sugary sweet liquid in my mouth makes my spit dry up and makes me crave water or tea or something that actually does quench your thirst. And this is a great thing. It means that my body and my taste buds have adjusted to not having so much sugar. As a result, sugar kind of revolts me. This has had much further reaching effects than just my drink choices. I no longer crave sweet foods either and in fact, I don’t even really enjoy them anymore.

If you’re thinking this could never happen to you, that’s exactly what I would’ve thought. You just need to start drinking tea and it’ll take a month or two, but eventually you’ll be in my position and you’ll want nothing but tea. If you don’t know where to get started, I’d check with some online shops. Here is a good tea website to help you buy online, with a page that reviews and compares some of the more popular tea retailers. That should be a good place for you to start. As for which teas to drink, I cover that in my post titled: Which Tea is the Healthiest?

I should also mention that I has an espresso habit too. And I loved regular coffee. I took it with a lot of sugar, so it was also quite unhealthy, but I focused on the soda in this post, because that is even worse. But quitting coffee for tea could also be quite a challenge, though it was fairly easy for me, since I was quitting soda at the same time as espresso and the soda habit was much harder to kick, making the coffee habit seem easier to drop by comparison.

So get yourself some delicious tea, preferably a loose leaf tea, and start drinking it every day. Trust me, despite how hard this seems at first, it will quickly get much easier. Soon, tea will be easily your favorite drink and you’ll find yourself wanting a cup anytime you get thirsty. Bottoms up!

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